Riding in the bush requires a bit of body language. Apart from the fact that you need to stay relaxed on the bike, you also need to be able to move around on the bike.

When you are travelling down a very steep descent, you need to get your weight back over the back of the bike. This is to avoid a very undesirable "over the bars" situation.

When you approach a very steep descent, make a deliberate effort to push your bottom off the back of the bike saddle. This moves your cent…

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Off road cycling requires a bit of what I term "Fuzzy Logic." That is, to a degree let the bike go where it wants to go. Don't always fight the bike. Let the front wheel float to where it wants to go. This sounds easy and it is.

To do this, always ride in the bush relaxed. That is keep the arms and upper body loose and relaxed. Don't ride stiff armed and tense. This is energy robbing.

Keep your arms relaxed and slightly limp at the elbows. This is your suspension to your body…

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