Have you ever been sitting at the traffic lights on your bike, trying in vain to get them to change to green? Try as you might, nothing seems to work. You jump up and down on those pads under the bitumen that set the lights off, but still they stay RED.

Well here is the answer....You see, those pads that you can see under the bitumen that trigger the lights off are not pressure sensitive at all. They do not rely on the weight of the car to set them off, but rather they work by magnetic field. That is, they sense the metal car body to trigger them off.

The way to get a bike to trigger them off is to ride on the very edge of the pad. You see, at the very edge of the pad where you see that black line in the bitumen is where they are most sensitive. At this point they will pick up the metal of the bike frame and trigger the lights.

Happy Cycling!
Howard Duhs