1. Warm up in easy gears for at least 10 minutes before doing any type of hard cycling.
  2. In cold weather it is essential to keep the chest warm and just importantly to keep the knees warm. Knees can easily be damaged in cold weather so wear leg warmers to protect them. A simple piece of newspaper between the jersey and the singlet will keep the chest warm and can be removed easily when needed.
  3. Check tyre pressures every couple of days as you will be surprised how quickly bicycle tyres lose 10 or 20 lbs. pressure.
  4. Always carry with you when cycling at least one spare tube, a puncture kit, some money and a pump. It is also a good idea to carry something to use as a sleeve in the tyre in case the tyre is badly damaged or cut. For example an old bit of tyre carcass.
  5. In case you didn't heed the above advice, things that I have proven that you can use to sleeve a damaged tyre are, a couple of patches, a large green leaf, a sock or a $5 note. I expect $100 notes also work but I haven't used one before. (Please somebody send me one so I can trial it?)
  6. When approaching parked cars on your bike always look through the rear window of the parked car to ensure no one is about to open a car door on you.
  7. Before passing in front of a car at a T intersection always try and get eye to eye contact with the motorist to ensure you have been seen by them.
  8. Use Muc Off Bike Cleaner and a car wash sponge to clean your bicycle, but ensure you don't get any water in the bearings.
  9. To remove the lactic acid from your legs, warm down for 10 minutes in an easy gear before ending your ride.
  10. Once off the bike it is a good idea to do some gentle stretching exercises.

Happy Cycling!
Howard Duhs