Are you forever getting punctures on your road bike? If this is you then read on.
You see, very often road bike punctures are caused by the rim tape inside the rim not protecting the tube properly. If you use module type rims (they're the rims with the two layers of alloy with space between the two walls), then never ever use rubber rim tapes on these rims. What you will find is that with the high pressures you use on the road bike the tube will sink into the cavity of the module rim through the rubber rim tape.

Even on a new road bike, don't presume the manufacture has fitted the correct rim tapes, because very often they haven't.

Rubber rim tapes are definitely out, plastic rim tapes are better but can often split after a while and very fine cloth rim tapes often are not strong enough either. For me, the only brand to use is Velox. It is a thick woven cloth rim tape that eliminates the tube puncturing inside the rim. Problem solved.

Happy Cycling!
Howard Duhs