In the cooler months it is imperative that you keep your body warm when cycling. If it is cold make sure you use leg and arm warmers, as well as full finger winter training gloves and a jacket to keep the wind off your chest. Also shoe covers are a good idea to keep your feet warm as well as ear warmers to keep your ears and the back of your neck warm. How many of these items of clothing you will need will depend on the temperature.

The best way to keep your feet warm is not to put an extra pair of socks on (because the wind will still go straight through your shoes) but to wear a pair of shoe covers over the top of your shoes. If you don't have any shoe covers then an old pair of socks with a hole cut out for the shoe cleat does just as good a job.

Keeping your chest warm is obviously very important and a winter training jacket is the ticket. Don't despair if you don't have one of these, as a sheet of newspaper between your cycling jersey and your singlet will do the same job.

Happy Cycling!
Howard Duhs