When you go cycling, (or any exercise for that matter) it is important to warm up and just as importantly cool down. Spend the first 10 minutes of your riding, cycling at an easy pace in a reasonably easy gear. This will get your body warm ready for the rest of your ride.

Just as importantly spend the last 10 minutes of your ride "warming down." That is use a low gear and just ride home in a relaxed state. This will help to spin out some of the lactic acid that your body has accumulated during the ride.

Stretching should also form an important part of your cycling ritual. Even if you only spend 5 minutes after every time you ride your bike the benefits will be enormous. Many people advocate stretching before exercise, and I am sure there is nothing wrong with this, but I believe that stretching after exercise is much more beneficial.

By gently stretching the muscles after exercise whilst they are still warm will help aid in your bodies recovery and help get your body ready for your next bike ride.
This five minutes that you spend stretching after a ride is far more important than spending an extra five minutes on the bike.

Happy Cycling!
Howard Duhs